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Fear Initiative: Dungeons and Dragons and Horror

Jun 16, 2021

Although tricked into an ambush, the Storm Shields soon discover the Iron Master has a tenuous grip on his authority as they receive aid from a far more powerful friend.

Jun 4, 2021

Leaving the still burning town of Zvanomir, the Storm Shields continue downriver to Beetle with the Quinta's ships still on their heels. 

Apr 26, 2021

The Storm Shields reach and attempt to warn the people of Zvanomir, a small fishing village at the edge of a swamp. Not far behind them is the Quinta's flotilla of monsters reading to decimate another town and add more soldiers to their army. Meanwhile, Tik seizes an opportunity to end things once and for all.

Apr 19, 2021

The Storm Shields continue downriver in The Shark as they rush to warn the next town. Along the way they come across another ship taking a leisurely cruise downstream.

Apr 7, 2021

The Storm Shields return and are joined by a new party member who comes bearing a warning from Lilith. Meanwhile, the team arrives just in time to see that Quinta Dragusha has already claimed the city of Daramere and is in the process of adding its citizens to her army. 

Welcome to SEASON 4 of Fear Initiative and a very...