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Fear Initiative

Aug 28, 2018

Our adventurers continue their investigation into why they were sent to the prison colony and discover that not much gets done in Winterborne without a few healthy bribes. Meanwhile, Vermathrax continues to court Thran in order to win his friendship.

Aug 21, 2018

Having just finished investigating the clubhouse of a notorious thief known as Murdig and finding everyone inside by murdered by adorable yet deadly blink dolls, the gang searches for a way out, all while the city watch is hot on their trail.

Aug 14, 2018

The FEAR INITIATIVE crew comes together seemingly by accident, meeting late one night at a tavern. After much discussion and apprehension, Balance (Tiefling, Cleric), Lilly (Gnyox, Rogue), Grimly (Bugbear, Barbarian), and Sorsha (Quarter-Elf/ Hamadryad, Ranger) enlist the help of a human fighter named Will, Oriana the...